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The MINI PHONE LED LIGHT RING is a small, portable and convenient device that allows you to take stunning photos and videos with your mobile phone. It features the following key features:

  • Light LED Flash Phone Lens Light: This mini LED light ring is equipped with bright LED lights, providing a soft and natural light for your photos and videos.

  • USB Rechargeable Clip: The LED light ring is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged with the included USB cable.

  • Adjustable Brightness.

  • Portable & Lightweight: The LED light ring is compact in size, easily carried in your pocket or handbag and made of plastic shell, making it super lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere you go.

  • The LED light ring is a great accessory for anyone who wants to take stunning photos and videos with their mobile phone. It's easy to use, portable and provides good lighting to make your video and photos look professional.

  • The ring light can be used for video recording, live streaming, photography, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, and it's also perfect for taking selfies and make-up videos.

  • The LED light ring can also be used as a reading light, bedside lamp, or even a mood light. It's small, versatile, and easy to use.

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